Romantic Tour

UNESCO has recognized the beauty and uniqueness of our landscape and appreciated. Thus, we have developed a program for the guest on a variety of ways by the beauty and uniqueness of our landscape to be fascinated. On the Romance Tour is the guest experience the romance of the Rhine and enjoy at the same time.
The guest will hover over the vines, migrate to various viewpoints, enjoy the quiet of the forest on the Lower Sesselllift the views of the Rhine Valley, during a tour of the castle Rheinstein is 700 Years can travel back, the riches of the cultural landscape on the boat ride past him leave.

Due to this diversity will be the guest of the Romantic Rhine – you can not describe, but experience has – closer.

Experience & enjoy the romance of the Rhine UNESCO World Heritage Middle Rhine Valley



Unfortunately, only in the summer season possible (21.March – 01.November 2020):

  • Seilbahnfahrt Rüdesheim Niederwald monument with fantastic panorama
  • Hiking to the many vantage points
  • Sesselliftfahrt the red-town Assmannshausen
  • Shipping Assmannshausen the Castle Rheinstein
  • Visit to the Castle Rheinstein – an important cultural monument of the Romantic Rhine, 50m above the Rhine to enjoy the impressive view,…
  • Shipping Rüdesheim, past famous vineyards, The Mouse Tower, Ruine Ehrenfels, …

Hiking Map & Roadmap to Romance Tour

Romantic tour ticket you buy, without registration or reservation, directly to their starting point; Cable Car, Chairlift, Ship or castle. The Romantic Tour ticket 1 Ticket for everything. Just buy at their starting point, the Romantik ticket.

Check out the hiking map & Print timetable:

Hiking Map & Click HERE timetable

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Cable car from Rüdesheim to the Niederwald Monument


Cable Car

While driving on the well-known vineyards one has a fantastic panorama.

Fahrstreckenlänge: 1400 m
Vertical Drop: 203 m
Travel time: 10 Minutes

Cable Car Rüdesheim
Oberstr. 37
65385 Rüdesheim
Tel: 06722/2402
Fax: 06722 3574

Chairlift ride to the town red-Assmannshausen

A cable car ride through the green forests of NiederwaldesMit magnificent panorama of the Rhine Valley with its vineyards, Castles & Castles

Fahrstreckenlänge : 1000 m
Vertical Drop: 230 m
Travel time: 15 Minutes

Niederwald Cable Car GmbH
65385 Rüdesheim-Assmannshausen
Tel: 06722/2765

Navigation to the Castle Rheinstein & Rüdesheim

Navigation on the Rhine, past the castle Reichenstein and Clement's chapel to the castle Rheinstein.Später past the famous vineyards, by Binger hole with the Mouse Tower & the ruins of Ehrenfels, Near the mouth of, Burg Klopp, Rochus Chapel, Niederwald Monument, Brömserburg.

Travel time: 15 Minutes & 55 Minutes

Roessler Line GmbH & Co.KG
65385 Rüdesheim-Assmannshausen
Tel: 06722/2353
0160-90 56 61 21
Fax: 06722/4519

Visit to the Castle Rheinstein

Burg Rheinstein

Burg Rheinstein

Romantic castle Burg Rheinstein – Rheinromantik.Neunzig is the symbol of meters above the Rhine, on a rocky outcrop seen from afar, Burg Rheinstein – an important cultural monument of the Romantic Rhine. This is written from the ninth century history.

Romantic castle Burg Rheinstein
Burg Rheinstein
55413 Trechtingshausen
Tel: 06721/6348
Fax: 06721/6659

Phone Info:

Burg Rheinstein 06721/6348
Cable Car Rüdesheim 06722/2402
Cable Car Assmannshausen 06722/2765
Ship 06722/2353

Romantik-Tour-Ticket Preise 2020 & 2021:

Adults 20,00 Euro
Groups 20 People 18,00 Euro (is 20 paying adult, 1 Person free)
Children (5-13 Years) 10,00 Euro
School classes (to 18 Years) 9,00 Euro
Price indication per person =
Romantic tour ticket is not valid for special events or special trips

The year 1802 is traditionally considered the birth of the Romantic Rhine viewed, Artists from many countries in Europe discovered the allure of the magnificent Rhine landscape with its mysterious ruins and idyllic villages – Inspiration for literary and musical Gesänge.Als crucial spiritual author and pioneer of the German literary Romanticism on the Rhine is likely to be regarded Friedrich Schlegel, based on a trip to Paris 1802 the Rhine as a wild landscape, unspoilt and beautiful area discovered.

UNESCO praised the Upper Middle Rhine Valley as a cultural landscape of great diversity and beauty. The landscape is an extraordinary wealth of cultural and historical associations, as well as artistic style on. His special appearance owes the Middle Rhine Valley to both the natural shape of the river and the other part of the design by humans. For two millennia the Middle Rhine Valley is one of the main roads are for cultural exchange between the Mediterranean and Northern Europe. The cultural landscape of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley between Rüdesheim, Bingen and Koblenz includes south, approximately 65 km long section of the Middle Rhine area – rift valley of the Rhine by the Rhenish Slate Mountains. Located in the heart of our continent, time limit, time bridge between cultures, It reflects the history of the West exemplified wieder.Hochrangige monuments have been preserved here in an abundance, which are found in almost any other European cultural landscape. With his striving occupied valley slopes, narrow strip on its banks crowded settlements and lined up like pearls on rocky outcrops hillforts the Valley is the epitome of the Romantic Rhine landscape. People from all over the world have visited this region: Literati, Painters and musicians have been inspired by the landscape. Deeply incised, Located in the shadow of the Hunsrück, is the Upper Middle Rhine Valley at the same time a favorable climate on natural area, live in the animals and plants, are otherwise common in the Mediterranean and southeast Europe. For centuries, developed a landscape, by the interaction of man and nature, evidence of cultural achievement and its impact on the development of the landscape.

Burg Rheinstein lies As the center of old German romantic castles, the former robber baron's castle on a cliff about 90m high above the Rhine. A 900 The castle was built as a toll station for the Kingdom.

At the ruins of Ehrenfels Rüdesheim Berg is – to about halfway up – the prominent and distinctive landmark, the castle ruin Ehrenfels a former Customs – and protection castle. Built around 1210.

Mouse Tower of Bingen on the island before Bingerbrück at the legendary Mouse Tower. He was one of the customs barrier system of the castle Ehrenfels. Even the ancient Romans have on this small island on 'Binger Loch’ a tower built. After 5.Jh. He then fell into ruin. After 968 Hatto II, Archbishop. the ruins to build a small water castle again.

Binger Loch pervades little below the mouse-tower island near Bingen an extremely hard Ouarzitader the river. Even in many centuries, the river could not wear the hard rock. These quartz rib formed a natural defense, that was for the shipping of earlier centuries usually the last stop. Even in Roman times to have been working on the creation of a drive-through at the Binger reef. Only in 17. Jh., after the invention of gunpowder, was there a 4,5 m wide opening on the right bank to blow up the rock. This was the birth of the Binger Loch. Over the years it has expanded more and more.

Near the mouth opens between Bingen and the proximity to Bingerbrück 116 km in the Rhine

Burg Klopp Klopp on the mountain is one of the most beautiful landmarks of the city of Bingen, Castle Klopp.

Rudesheim was first called Rudesheim 1090. Here one encounters numerous half-timbered buildings.

The previously mentioned low Brömserburg Castle is a former customs post, served for centuries as the seat of the Knights of Rüdesheim. Today it houses the wine museum and invites you to a journey through centuries of wine culture.

Boosenburg In the immediate vicinity of the upper castle Brömserburg, also called Boosenburg. At the 38m high tower and its more than 3m thick walls nestles a castle-like dwellings. The origin of the castle falls into the 10.-11. Century.

Niederwald Monument Even from the Rhine, the 225 m deep flowing at the foot of the monument, The monumental statue of a total of 38 m can be seen very well. It stands on a mountain top of the low forest. On 16. September 1877 held its groundbreaking ceremony. The inauguration ceremony was on Sep 28 1883 celebrated.

Hunting castle Niederwald, surrounded by a natural reserve, is the hunting castle Niederwald above Rudesheim and Assmannshausen. The hunting lodge is now a hotel & Restaurant.

Assmannshausen The romantic wine village was already 1108 Hasemann Husen as mentioned in documents. A partially preserved ring wall was once used for protection against enemies and ice. Along the narrow streets of the village with picturesque half-timbered buildings crowd close to the sun-drenched slopes of the 'Hell's'. Here one of the best German Pinot Noir.

Burg Reichenstein The once dreaded robber barons above Trechtingshausen, is a typical example of a Rhineland castle height and fits harmoniously with the wild and romantic landscape at the output of Morgenbachtal. The nature of the oldest parts of the building indicates an origin of the castle in the early 11. Century of.

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