Loreley round trip (St. Goar / St.Goarshausen)

Cruise to the Loreley

Loreley Skulptur

Loreley sculpture

A boat trip on the most beautiful part of the Rhine. See old castles and ruins and idyllic wine. Be inspired by the romance of the Rhine UNESCO World Heritage Middle Rhine Valley.

Tour around 4 H, a way around 1 3/4 Std.

Our departures
not daily , Please note dates:

Groups 30 People can book the tour daily Lorelei :

Rüdesheim (Bridge 12):
9.15 Clock, 14.00 Clock
Assmannshausen (Bridge 2):
9.40 Clock, 14.30 Clock
St. Goar / St.Goarshausen:
11.00 Clock, 16.00 Clock
Loreley Rundfahrt

Loreley round trip

Prices 2019:

Loreley round trip from Rüdesheim:
22,00 € p.P.
Loreley round trip from Assmannshausen:
20,00 € p.P.
Rudesheim to St.Goarshausen / St.Goar:
19,00 € p.P.
Assmannshausen to St.Goarshausen / St.Goar:
18,00 € p.P.
Groups 10 People get discounts
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