Rüdesheim & Assmannshausen

Welcome to Rüdesheim and Assmannshausen, the gateway to World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley.

Discover the Rhine on a boat trip with one of our ships “RheinStar”, “Rheingau” or “Nicholas I”. Hover over the vineyards in the cable car or chair lift. Stroll through the world-famous Drosselgasse. Or hike through unique vineyards. Your stay you can taste to your heart. The gastronomic offer of Rudesheim and Assmannshausen ranges from the typical rustic tavern to 5-star operation.

Rudesheim am Rhein

A few kilometers below the town of Rudesheim Rhine changes its direction and becomes narrower. This place, the Binger Loch, was, with its reefs and rapids, formerly an insurmountable obstacle to shipping. Therefore, the vessels, coming from the south, discharged at Rudesheim, the goods on the ancient Celts transported to Lorch Street, where it was again loaded on ships. These reloading brought the town busy traffic and welcome source of income. was widened until the 11th century the first fairway, could happen to shipping this extremely dangerous place. Even today many prefer foreign Schiffer, take that route between St. Goar and Rudesheim a pilot service in claim. applied immediately in Rudesheim am Rhein as Wasserburg, we find the Brömserburg, the oldest and best preserved of the three castles Rüdesheim. She served in the 10.-13. Century the archbishops of Mainz temporarily as home and refuge.

After the Archbishop had given them in the 13th century the Knights of Rüdesheim a fief, developed it for a short time into a fearful prey nest. In the Sponheim's feud (1281) defeated the Archbishop of Mainz Wernherr Rüdesheim and their associated fully Sponheim. Its present name from the castle by the side of Line Brömser Rüdesheim, by 1548 until their extinction 1668 The castle inhabited. After 1810 she let fashion the noble family von Ingelheim, and since that time, guests will receive books. In the oldest, we also find an entry Goethe, the 1814 visited the castle in Rüdesheim. Today it is one of the city and houses the Rheingau Rüdesheim home- and wine museum with a large collection of drinking vessels. The Boos castle in Rüdesheim, earlier Obernburg, belonged to the lords of Rüdesheim in the line of foxes. Only the defiant castle tower is obtained. The tower on the market is a remnant of the former front castle, the core of the inner city wall was.

In the Rüdesheim Oberstrasse we still find old aristocracy, as the Ritter'schen Court (No.4), the bass Hof (No.5) and the court Brömser (Nr.27). Heinrich Brömser had the building 1542 and building provided with fresco paintings. This shows in the chapel a large double coat Brömser / Greifenclau, in the ancestral hall, the ancestral sample as evidence of knightly descent. The marriage was at the gate arms Heinrich Brömser , the last male descendant of the noble house Rüdesheim (gesture. 1668) kurmainzischer Hofrichter, And Privy Councillor, a 1650 mount. In Rudesheim in Brömserhof today is housed Siegfried's Mechanical Music Cabinet, a collection of self-playing musical instruments from three centuries. The Catholic Church (14.Jh.) Rüdesheim am strangely market with a weather vane with a crescent and star. This is their alleged client, a knight of Brömser, remember, who had attended one of the Crusades. Romantic narrow streets with cozy wine bars and numerous ostrich farms, with the world-famous Drosselgasse, invite the many visitors to the city Rüdesheim an atmospheric tour and wine-loving stay. After all, Rüdesheim has very much:. 10.000 Inhabitants of 3.200 Guest Beds, more than 2,7 Million visitors each year listed in this international tourist center.

In addition, Rüdesheim lives from Riesling wine with his famous places, and the wine industry operations, such as sparkling wine and a great wine distillery. On Eagle Tower (15.Jh.) at the western end of Rüdesheim Rhine road, we see the remains of the medieval city wall. The 20,4 m high tower once stood directly on the Rhine. Means of signal pole and fire basket was announced here by downstream from the start of ice drift. The basement of the tower, with 1 m thick walls built, is a dungeon, only through a trap door in 1. Upstairs is available. A bronze plaque on the outside is reminiscent of Goethe's visit to Rüdesheim (1814). The international tourist Rüdesheim has from early April through December season. Highlights are u. a. the fireworks display, "The Rhine in Magic Fire" around the Binger Loch, the Traditional Rüdesheim Wine Festival, Harley Davidson international meeting "Magic Bike Rally" and the Christmas Market of Nations. Visits to wine- and sparkling wine cellars as well as Asbach, the famous specialty from Rüdesheim am Rhein, are available on request.


The romantic wine village Assmannshausen, few kilometers downstream of the castle Ehrenfels, now part of the city Rüdesheim. Founded as a Franconian settlement, It was already 1108 Hasemann Husen as mentioned in documents. A partially preserved ring wall on the side of the Rhine was once used for protection against enemies and ice. The cornerstone of the city walls was the bastion of late Gothic church. In it you will find an altar and a Madonna, both masterpieces from the 15. Century. Along the narrow streets of the village is picturesque timber buildings press close to the sun-baked slopes of Mount hell. Here, on the bluish-Taunus phyllite slate one of the best Pinot Noir. A chair lift to the Niederwald Monument, a hunting lodge and numerous hiking trails and magnificent view points complement the small wine village an ideal trip- and destination.

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