Crafting instructions for a ship

paper ship_fold_02Print out the Rössler bow here: Rössler paper boat

Print out the Rössler bow and put it upright on the table. Fold from top to bottom, so that the page with the Rössler print disappears inside.

2. and 3.)
Fold it in half again into a rectangle and open it again. So you get the vertical centerline.
Folds the right and left outer corners along the center line.

paper ship_fold_04paper ship_fold_06paper ship_fold_084.)
Fold the protruding lower side up onto the folded triangles.
Do this step on the back.
Now fold the corners on the right and left over to the other side, so that a big triangle is created.



Opens the resulting triangle, that looks like a hat, from below, turn it and lay it down to a square with illustration 5. arises.

paper ship_fold_09paper ship_fold_10

paper ship_fold_12paper ship_fold_13

Fold the bottom tip up. Turns over the folding work and also performs the folding step on the back.

Now you open the triangle again from below, turn it and place it as a square in front of you.
Then pull the top apart and the paper boat is created.

paper ship_fold_14paper ship_fold_17paper ship_fold_00


Pull it apart properly and get it in shape, so that it can stand well and swim later…the Rössler paper boat is ready




There is also a video for crafting instructions here:


Have fun 🙂



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