The Roessler Line (to 1960)

Entering 20. Century were carried the passengers from the family Rössler still with wooden surfaces in ferry service. At that time was still rowing, sailed the boats or from land pulled out with ropes.

From the 20's they used motorized boats, with which it was possible, greater numbers of people and freight in Bingen, to promote Rüdesheim and Assmannshausen.

The first motor ship of the family Rössler, die “Rheingold”, was 1927 in service. The “Rheingold” was a covered vessel with a capacity of 86 People, driven by a 35 HP petrol engine.

After 2. Weltkrieg musste die Firma neu aufgebaut werden, everything was destroyed. This was 1948 das Schiff mit Namen “St. Nicholas” Bought.

1958 increased the demand for trips- and tours, Then have now developed better ships. Das Schiff “St. Georg” for 106 People were purchased to.

The business was worth only in the summer months. Since the Binger Loch was at that time the most dangerous and narrow places of the Rhine and also the area with the largest flow rate was, needed the growing cargo ships in this part of the river boats and pilot opening credits. Therefore, the family bought Rössler 1961 das Vorspannboot “Rheingold” (320 PS).

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