The Roessler Line (from 1960)

Up 1974, as the Binger Loch widened and the dangerous rocks were blown, worked for the company Rössler double track: Passenger transport and bias.

After broadening decreased the rate of flow of the Rhine, In parallel, the power of cargo steadily. So there is hardly any pilots and a few boats bias. The number of passengers increased to the extent, that the family decided Rössler, not to move to the passenger shipping.

1977 was “St. Nicholas 1” Bought. This ship can hold up max. 50 Passengers, has 220 PS and is still today. The "St. Nicholas I" has been 2015 the World Heritage ship of UNESCO Upper Middle Rhine Valley.


As the passengers wanted more room and comfort, decided the company Rössler, to have a new boat build: 1985 was “MS Rheingau” ready. It summarizes 250 Persons, and 2 x 241 PS.

1991 bought the now called Rössler-line, a third ship. The “Saint Nicholas” also summarizes 250 Persons, and also 2 x 241 PS.

All ships have been providing more comfort, such as. padded seats, Gastronomy and heating, to go in the winter can. For the safety of the passengers are on board any ship radar, Radio and telephone.



In July 2003 was “Saint Nicholas” sold (is now sailing the beautiful blue Danube), it was only after 4 Months to build the brand-new “Rhein Star” in service. Enjoy with space and comfort to all 600 Personal journey through the world heritage site on the Middle Rhine.

The cooperation of the 3 Rössler generations is so successful, that 2010 A new ship was commissioned in. The start of construction at the shipyard in Mondorf-Lux (in Bonn) our MS “RheinDream” in September 2010. On April 18 2011 ran the MS “RheinDream” in the home port Assmannshausen. The Godfather District Burkhard Albers christened our MS “RheinDream” ceremony on April 28 2011.



The MS “RheinDream” harmonically combines the modern with the simple elegance…with regional accents.

Family Rössler:

5.Generation: Nicholas Roessler
6.Generation: Klaus-Peter Rössler

6.Generation: Klaus-Peter Rössler (1936-2019)
7.Generation: Bianka Rössler
8.Generation: Samanta Rössler

9.Generation: Luca Peter Rössler

With our 4 Ships, we take a day castle tours, Trips to the Loreley and evening cruises with music and dance. For parties and celebrations, the ships can be chartered, We organize food, Catering, Music and entertainment.

Have a nice trip with the Roessler-Line.

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