Rüdesheim coffee show on our ship

If our guests want something for their navigation, We use these desires to course.
In this cruise, guests have a Rüdesheim coffee show desired, , there was of course Asbach chocolates.
The show on our ship then ran as follows; We have gathered the guests of the ship to the Rüdesheim coffee table, darkened the room of the ship and then flambéed all Rüdesheim coffee cups…wow!!!



Rüdesheim coffee is made so:
4cl Asbach with 3 Heat sugar cube (not cook!!! really heat up only slightly)
then this light (can you do with a spoon, that the finger does not burn yourself)
if the Asbach burned shortly (really only a few seconds that he caramelized, if it is too long to burn the alcohol out)
Deglaze with coffee,
Icing on it, a few chocolate chips to…


On all of our ships, we also offer the Rüdesheim coffee on course.
And the Rüdesheim coffee show you can book to, if you rent one of our ships.

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